Thursday, January 22, 2009

New fixation!

Ok. Folks that know me know that I easily get fixated on things! Right now I am obsessed with an article in a Book Arts Publication called Ampersand. (If anybody knows how I can get my hands on one of these feel free to let me know ;-D) The article is about modifying a credit card imprinter so that you can use it as a relief printmaking press of sorts. Of course if there was an easier/cheaper way for me to get my hands on a press I'd be obsessed with that as well. I love printmaking and have been away from it for WAY too long (since college!).
I did manage a few "pulls" of an eraser cut I whipped out last night.
What do you think? I know the colors in the eraser (that's it in the lower left) are distracting, but they were - um - well Dirt Cheap!

NOTE: Whooppeeeeee! I found the last copy available of the Ampersand publication that I wanted!!!!!

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bikimiki said...

Hi I haven't tried it but I seems to be enjoying and practical at the same time =)