Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More printmaking...

I managed to make a good start on a print based on a photo I took of a zebra. I think it'll work nicely for notecards. I am thinking hot pink/turquoise/lime green? Let me know what you think. I plan on pulling a proof tonight (if life cooperates :-D) and I'll try to post what I get tomorrow! Maybe - just maybe - I'll manage to get some listed in my etsy shop!
I spent a good portion of the early morning insisting that my daughter was going to go to school, while she spent an equal amount of time insisting she wasn't. Anyone know any reallllllllyyyyy good (and non-medicinal) remedies for a nervous 8 year old tummy? A chronically nervous 8 year old tummy?

Also I am thrilled and looking forward to receiving some jewelry a very talented, fellow etsy seller has created just for me and my husband! Be sure to check out her store and check out her beauties!


SarahKelley said...

Nervous tummy-- coke or ginger ale-- or just plain ginger root-- ot hard peppermint candy.
OR when it's really icky lemon wedge and salt:)

knotaway said...

Thanks for the suggestions. We've tried most of those before, but I'd forgotten most of them. I'll have to give them another go. The biggest problem is getting ANYTHING in her. She HATES to swallow anything when she has a tummy ache. I hate feeling like a "bully" as she calls me, but I have to be tough with her about meds of any kind. Lemon wedges and salt might be a choice she could "stomach". I know I haven't tried that one.

She's a worrier and internalizes EVERYTHING. This year at school has been tough, too, and I think most of the stomach prob is nerves (and sinus/allergy drainage).

Mignon said...

I really like the orange/rust color of this zebra, but then I really love rust to orange colors. :)


knotaway said...

Funny thing about the color here is it's just the permanent marker I used to layout my design on the linoleum. BAAAAADDDDD mistake! The marker ink came off on my hands while carving and in the first few prints I pulled. Took some serious cleaning to get most of it off so that it wouldn't pollute my prints! :-D