Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Back - Finally!

Feel free to chastise me for staying away so long, but Vacation and illness are my excuses.

We had a lovely vacation earlier this month to Lake Fausse Point State Park in South Louisiana. The park is fantastic and the cabin we rented was wonderful. We had the opportunity to visit Avery Island and tour the Tobasco plant and the Jungle Gardens there. Really lovely.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip!

We got to see quite a few gators, and got closer to this one than I like!

Things are slowly getting back to normal, though, so here I am at long last to fill you in on recent happenings. I'm slowly finishing some tatted items to add to my etsy shop and am pondering some new items to add.
I have a lovely baby bootie pattern that I love to make (though it is a tad time consuming), but I want to make them in some less traditional colors. Suggestions anyone? I'm thinking dark brown or turquoise or a nice pale green. Hmmm.....
I am also venturing out with some new bookmark patterns, but I want to try a few more out before I settle on them for the shop.

I finally managed to finish a special order necklace and two other necklace I am giving as gifts.

I've also joined in on a #mailart project from twitter. (I'm @knotaway if you'd like to follow me there.) I'll be part of a group of 30 or so artists who will create a postcard size peice of art for each participant. We will mail them to each other. Everyone should receive 30 pieces of original art from artists all over the world. Fun, Fun, Fun!!! I'll be sure to post more details about that later!
Thanks for visiting. More Later!