Monday, March 16, 2009

We have a Winner - um make that WINNERS!

So, everything was prepared and I was ready for my daughter to draw a name for the winner of my giveaway, and what happened? Well, my son would not be outdone and snuck his hand in the pot, too.
The TWO winners for my giveaway are.....
(insert drumroll here...)
munecita and Jaime!

So, I got busy last night mixing ink and printing their notecards! (As it turns out they both liked purple! How did I get that lucky?!?!?!)

Your packages will soon be winging their way to you! :D
...with a few other little "Happies" to brighten your days!

I didn't manage to make any progress on the aforementioned WIP.
But there's always tonight, or tomorrow night...

I did manage to start a new WIP! Who wants just one iron in the fire?

These are the first two blocks for a 4 color print. I've got a LOT of cutting to do to cut away everything that isn't black in the image.
If this works, it'll be the most involved linoleum block print I've ever done! Wish me luck. I'm rusty!

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